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Ginestra Bianconi

Ginestra Bianconi is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Queen Mary University of London and Alan Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, London. She is Chief Editor of JPhys Complexity and editor of Scientific Reports, PlosOne, and Entropy among other journals. Her research activity on Network Science includes Network Theory and its interdisciplinary applications. She has formulated the Bianconi-Barabasi model that displays the Bose-Einstein condensation in complex networks. She has worked in information theory of networks formulating the entropy of network ensembles and she has made important contribution on dynamical processes on networks. In the last years she has been focusing on multilayer networks, network geometry and topology, percolation and network control.

Ginestra Bianconi has published more than 140 papers and her work has appeared in major scientific journals such as Science, Nature, PNAS, PRX and Physical Review Letters. She is the author of the book Multilayer Networks: Structure and Function by Oxford University Press.

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