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MS07: Maths for the Digital Factory

The digital factory represents a network of digital models and methods of simulation and 3D visualisation for the holistic planning, realisation, control and ongoing improvement of all factory processes related to a specific product. In the last five or ten years all industrialised countries have launched initiatives to realise this vision, sometimes also referred to as Industry 4.0 (in Europe) or Smart Manufacturing (in the United States). The goal of this minisymposium is to highlight recent developments in this area.

Wednesday, April 14, 14:00-15:40

  1. 14:00 Joachim Linn, Math for the Digital Factory: at Fraunhofer ITWM and ECMI 2021
  2. 14:25 Fabio Schneider, Dominik Jungkenn, Joachim Linn, Fredrik Andersson, Realistic parameters for dynamic simulation of composite cables using a damped Cosserat rod model
  3. 14:50 Davide Manfredo, Vanessa Dörlich, Joachim Linn, Martin Arnold, Modeling and Simulation of Inelastic Effects in Composite Cables
  4. 15:15 Lilli Burger, Vanessa Dörlich, Michael Burger, Joachim Linn, Fabio Schneider, Estimation of Cable Bundle Stiffness Based on Gaussian Process Regression

Wednesday, April 14, 16:00-17:40

  1. 16:00 Meadhbh O'Neill, James P. Gleeson, Kevin Burke, Industrial Feature Selection Using A Smooth Information Criterion
  2. 16:25 Kevin Burke, James Gleeson, Industrial Reliability Modelling
  3. 16:50 Jennifer Weißen, Simone Göttlich, Claudia Totzeck, Modeling and Optimization of Material Flow with Obstacles
  4. 17:15 Adam Samara, A Copula-based Approach for Modeling Travel Time Distribution

Thursday, April 15, 10:20-12:00

  1. 10:20 Moritz Ebeling-Rump, Dietmar Hömberg, Robert Lasarzik, Topology Optimization subject to a Local Volume Constraint
  2. 10:45 Elena Celledoni, Ergys Çokaj, Andrea Leone, Davide Murari, Brynjulf Owren, Lie group integrators approach for the dynamics of two quadrotors transporting a mass point
  3. 11:10 Elena Celledoni, Ergys Çokaj, Andrea Leone, Davide Murari, Brynjulf Owren, Dynamics of the N-Fold Pendulum in the Framework of Lie Group Integrators
  4. 11:35 Benjamin Bauer, Joachim Linn, Bernd Simeon, An Isogeometric One-Dimensional Model for Developable Flexible Elastic Strips

Thursday, April 15, 14:30-16:10

  1. 14:30 Monika Harant, Matthias B. Näf, Katja Mombaur, Optimal Control to Facilitate the Development Process of Exoskeletons
  2. 14:55 Tomas Johnson, Andreas Mark, Fredrik Edelvik, The Virtual PaintShop - Simulation of Oven Curing

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