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MS06: Towards a Virtual Campus in Industrial Mathematics

Online environments can serve essential ECMI objectives, to access dispersed knowledge and support innovative processes and European cooperation regarding consultation training and educational needs in industrial mathematics. We envisage a possibility to build a European digital environment and web-portal for applied and industrial mathematics.

An ECMI Special Interest Group was formed to work towards e-courses and in longer perspective an IM learning portal. The pooled expertise of ECMI provides a foundation for a versatile and up-to-date content production representing forefront-knowledge. Such virtual facility and educational resource would be an asset in international exchange, double degree cooperation and knowledge alliances and outreach to general audience.

An example could be collaboration with the developing countries, where the availability of up-to-date special courses in applied mathematics is poor and the shortage of academic staff is a severe obstacle for developing an applied math program with relevance to real world applications. So-called virtual mobility can be integrated as a component of an exchange program and real mobility. The department offering the courses for remote users should be able to provide local tutoring in order to exploit the web-course portal in an efficient way. In this minisymposium we present examples of such possibilities.

Tuesday, April 13, 10:20-12:00

  1. 10:20 Tatiana Pogarskaia, Sergey Lupuleac, Ekaterina Belyaevskaya, Matti Heiliö, ECMI Modelling Week: first time in Russia and first time online
  2. 10:45 Riikka Kangaslampi, Simo Ali-Löytty, Valtteri Pinkkilä, Towards a Virtual Campus in Engineering Mathematics
  3. 11:10 Danijela Rajter-Ciric, Data Science Studies at Department of Mathematics and Informatics in Novi Sad - Virtual Education Potential

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